Vendor Inspection Services

Based on each client's individual requirement for scope, from Pre-Inspection Meetings, In-Process Inspections to Final Inspections, our qualified field personnel will carry out the inspections at the place of manufacture.

As a matter of course, our inspectors will ensure that the client's suppliers or sub-suppliers are able to meet the client's requirements in terms of technical capability and quality assurance/quality control.

Mill Inspection

Inspection and quality control of plate, linepipe, casings, flexible pipes etc. Our specialist inspectors have particular knowledge of forming, welding, non-destructive testing, threading, coating, stocking, loading etc. For large orders a team of inspectors is placed in the mill and all shifts and all stages of manufacture and test are controlled. Detailed reports are issued on shift, weekly and completion basis; reports are either manual or computerized. The later is a distinct aid in controlling the certification and helps with material traceability.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection of manufactured goods, spare parts, commodities etc. is undertaken and Inspection Release Certificates are issued, these documents being a requirement of letters of credit.