This service, which is fully independent from the inspection activities, is provided to ensure the contractual delivery requirements are met.

Expediting services may apply at different stages of a project such as fabrication and assembly, rectification work, material deficit, failure on test or inspection, shipment and packing.

Horizon understands that in the past, many providers of expediting services have ultimately limited themselves to providing provided a "status" report rather than actually expediting the delivery completion and thus making a positive difference.

Our field personnel work closely with the manufacturer to verify the status of individual components and to assess and discuss practical and realistic techniques that can be utilised by the manufacturer to meet important milestones and ultimately improve on material delivery. This work can entail pre-production meetings, control of engineering, documentation submission/approval, planning of production schedules, identifying critical path networks, verification of issue of sub-orders and sub-suppliers' activities, manufacture, testing, dispatch and order close out.

Each visit report provides in-depth details of all activities and is delivered practically overnight so that clients have an up-to-date picture of the situation at any given manufacturer.