Extra manpower when you need it

Horizon Technology offer a unique service to businesses who normally have their IT under control, but sometimes need a little extra help.  Our team can step in to cover staff illness, maternity leave, or just someone's holiday.  We can be on site or available remotely to back up your normal IT team when it matters.  Need a second opnion on that important project?  Horizon can help.


Holiday and illness cover

Horizon can work with your IT team to provide continuity when your key people are away.  We will learn your systems, and take over when there is a gap.   Horizon's unique service is a great way to ensure your core IT is well looked after, even if you are short staffed.  Our offering is a low cost way to enhance your IT team; keeping your technology going when it matters most.

Our holiday and illness cover can be done via a support contract, or just on an ad-hoc basis; just pay for the time you use.

Extra help and second opinions 

Sometimes a small team has a big project on.  Horizon can supplement your team with the extra manpower and skills to get projects delivered on time and on budget.  We can provide end-to-end project services, from preparing tenders, sourcing suppliers through to project management and documentation services; all to ensure you get what you need at the best possible prices and at the time you need it.

We can offer an independent second opinion on your IT systems or potential project tenders.  We can audit systems and proposals; spotting potential risks and offering mitigating solutions or alternative plans.

One common situation requiring extra help is during office moves and relocations.  From physically moving technology, through to providing transition support and assistance to your in-house team, Horizon can make sure moving offices doesn't hit your business's productivity.

If you have a project coming up, contact us for help.



Maternity Cover

For small teams and businesses, maternity cover can be difficult.  Horizon can offer a unique option - rather than hiring a replacement staff member on a short term contract, use Horizon to cover the gaps.  We can take on full or part time roles within IT support and IT management; covering the leave without you going through the difficult recruitment process.

Our flexible cover can be a mix of on-site and remote help, where we are in for important support and meetings and available via phone and e-mail to ensure continuity of service and support.  We can agree the scope and level of cover with you before the contract starts, and carry out a careful handover of important information.

Horizon's maternity cover removes all the costs and stresses of recruiting short term cover.  Contact us to discuss how we can help you.