Work for Horizon Technology in Essex

Horizon technology are looking for someone to join our team in a sales role.

If you have an interest or experience with Technology and IT, and are a self motivated, enthusiastic person, we want to hear from you.

We are happy to consider part time and flexible working, either from our Great Dunmow office or from home if that suits the right candidate better.

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Reaching the highest standards with ISO 9001:2015

Horizon (QA/QC) is pleased to announce that we have successfully updated our quality system and have been certified to the latest ISO edition, ISO 9001:2015.

ISO 9001:2015 a less prescriptive than its predecessor, focusing instead on performance. We have achieved this by combining the process approach with risk-based thinking, and employing the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle at all levels in the organisation.

With this latest updated certification, Horizon QA/QC continues to provide the best possible services to our clients, helping  maintain and ensure the highest quality and consistency of our services

Worried about ransomware?

Most people will have seen the news over the last few days about the high profile attack on computers around the world that as had a huge impact on bug organisations such as the UK's NHS.  A lot of people are worried about things like this; we hear about hacking, viruses and ransomware more and more, but don't always know what we can do about them.

At Horizon, we have a number of important steps we recommend everyone follows:

  • Make sure the 'Windows updates' or 'Mac updates' are installed on your computer regularly.  This is important and you should check for updates at least once a month, and any time you hear about a major exploit or virus.
  • Make sure you have good Antivirus software installed.  There are even free Antivirus tools available if you don't want to pay!  Anyone who connects to the Internet need anti-virus software.
  • Make sure your data is backed up.  No matter how many patches and antivirus tools you have, there is always a chance that you get hit by an exploit that has no fix published for it yet.  If the worst happens, you need to know that you data is safe.  Backup is vital.  There are low cost online tools to automate backups for you, or you can schedule copies to memory sticks and external hard drives to allow you to keep a copy of your data safe away from your computer.
  • Stay educated about the latest risks on the Internet.  Lots of exploits and hacks require you as the user to trigger them.  If you know not to open that strange e-mail attachment, or not click that link from the e-mail, then you will be far better protected than if you happily click anything you see.  If you are unsure, seek out help, advice and training from a professional.

If you have any concerns about your IT security, or would like to have come help checking your systems, contact Horizon for help and advice.  Horizon have a skilled team, experienced in IT security and ready to help protect you.

Welcome Back to Massimo Negrelli!

From January 2017 Massimo Negrelli returns to the Horizon Group in the role of senior Inspector & Expeditor.  We are very pleased to have such a professional and reliable resource in our team and we are convinced he will add another layer of success to our Company.
Massimo brings to Horizon (QA/QC) his vast experience and qualifications (including Level III NDT, NACE, Aramco) and a proven track record of success in the Oil & Gas field, which will be an important support in meeting our future goals and objectives.
Massimo is the latest person to join our growing team at Horizon, where the skills, qualifications and experience of our staff make us stand out of the crowd.  Welcome on board Massimo!

New year, new challenges

2016 was a challenging year with major changes in many areas of Horizon's business.  New offices were opened in both the United Kingdom and Italy, keeping the team busy with all of the work associated with new offices. 
The low oil prices seen for the last couple of years are impacting our area of the Oil & Gas industry and as is well known, currently the Industry is very challenging environment. However, rather than letting these issues overwhelm us, Horizon's industry leading service and quality have enabled us to finish the year in a strong position with on-going growth and with an extremely positive future ahead.
The IT and Technology business has continued to grow and deliver innovative projects and expert support to our clients; helping them stay up to date with the ever changing IT landscape. 
I want to take this opportunity to thank all of Horizon's customers, staff and suppliers for all their support throughout the last year, which have enabled us to reach the position that we are now in.  We look forward to what 2017 will bring for Horizon.

- Andrew Cobb
Horizon Group Managing Director.

Some of the Horizon team at our Christmas Dinner, December 2016

Some of the Horizon team at our Christmas Dinner, December 2016