Horizon has a qualified, experienced team who can review your systems, design policies and implement continuity and backup systems to ensure that if the worst happens, the impact to your business is minimised.  A good disaster recover plan can save the day and Horizon can help assess the risks and plan for the worst.

If the worst has already happened, Horizon are available to help you rebuild.  From sourcing new equipment and facilities, to getting staff back up and working, Horizon will take control and focus on delivering a working technology platform. 

Within Horizon's business continuity portfolio, we can provide:

- Assessment of business risks
- Disaster avoidance strategies
- Business impact analysis
- Disaster recovery plan design
- Disaster plan testing - tabletop simulations
- Disaster plan assurance

We also provide key disaster response services:

- Trained "disaster managers"
- IT system recovery; restoring data and systems.
- Temporary office space sourcing and set up.
- Telephony services - Get your calls routed to another location.
- Critical response and return to business plans.

Our Business Continuity services are flexible. Our team is available on a consultation or full-time retained service basis, depending on your requirements, budgetary constraints and timelines. Bringing extensive experience in various business fields, our consultants work closely to ensure that the job is done well and challenges are overcome. Contact us to find out more.